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Novelty & Gag Gifts

Are you a lighthearted person who is known for being yourself and love being the jokester for parties and events?

Do your friends and family think that you are a class clown and absolutely love you to death for it?


Then we have the perfect ideas for what you can give to them the next time you are in search of the best gift for any event!

You can never go wrong when getting this one.

1) A funny or witty t-shirt.

This is a classic gift, that never is going out of style, it is important because of the time that you actually took into getting the item – and thankfully you can get them for pretty cheap.

It is not going to be the kind of present that you could have just took five seconds to throw into a cart, this one is going to have a great deal of thought placed behind it, for the fact that you will need to get it pretty much tailored to their personality.

It will be a sure way to light up their face when they see it as well as everyone else in the room, it is more than likely going to be the staple item of their wardrobe and they will love you forever because of it!

2) A prank gift

If you are friends or family to someone who loves playing jokes on other people, this is your perfect chance to sneak one over on them as well, if you get a prank gift, they will be dying for the next round of presents from you!

A prank gift is definitely a great way to light up any event, it will make the person who is receiving the gift forever on their toes when you are around!

This is a great way to keep them in good spirits for who they are as a person and you might even have just found yourself inside of a full on prank war, but that is exactly the kind of thing everyone wants, a gift that adds into something more personal than just what money can buy!

A great example is a simple spring-loaded snake type of gift, that will eject something funny upon opening it.

Or if you are really close with your friends, you can simply send them a huge dildo along with a funny note regarding how they should use it, depending on your own sense of humor. And if you think this is a bit ridiculous, keep in mind that one of Jennifer Lawrence’s friends actually gave her a bunch of butt plugs as a joke as well, so sending sex toys to friends as gag gifts is not as out there as you might think!

Regardless of what sort of prank gift you decide to send, as long as your relationship with that particular family member or friend is great, the gift will definitely come across as hilarious to both of you guys!

3) Unique coffee mugs.

This is one that nobody could pass up as being the best gift ever, given how many Americans drink coffee regularly. Most people have their morning coffee in the presences of other people or outside on their porch, which means that anyone who passes will see this item!

People love shock value, so if you find the perfect coffee mug for your friend or family, but are rethinking whether or not you should get it, the answer is always, yes, you should!

It will become a morning tradition for your loved one to sit back in the morning and watch the rest of the world react in a favorable way to something that you had gotten them, it is a great conversation starter as well as one they can reuse for years to come!

If you are not sure what to do the person whom in which lights up your world the most with their upbeat and joking personality, getting them a novelty or gag gift is always the best road to travel down, there is no way that they will not love it and you will enjoy seeing them fall head over heels for your gift idea!